Thursday, June 23, 2011

{before & after}

If you follow me here, I mentioned that I was getting my curls cut the other day...
I only get my hair cut twice a year, so I was really excited. :)

I like my hair long, but it can be challenging.
It takes forever to dry, and I can't tell you how much
mousse it takes to keep those curls pretty {yikes!}.

So, I ended up getting a good amount chopped off.
I love it! So much easier & cooler!
Just thought I'd share with you...

 {before & after, to show you the difference in length}

{what it looks like completely dry}

What do you think?!
And do you prefer your hair long, short or in between?


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Mandy England said...

Girlie, you have gorgeous hair! What I wouldn't give to make mine curl like that! :)
I'm not sure whether I prefer short or long... they both have perks. I definitely prefer the ease of short hair and not having to straight iron it every morning, but long hair is so much more fun to play with.

Jordan said...

It looks great!! I like mine really long, like, down to my bum almost. Last March/April (just over a year, not the one we just had) I cut off 23 inches and donated it to locks of love. I liked the short hair for awhile but I miss my long hair so so much. Thankfully, my hair grows fast and it's already past my shoulders again.

The Bonjour Four said...

very cute haircut!