Friday, August 26, 2011

{color love} my favorites

It's no secret that I looove color.
It's beautiful & inspiring.

BUT, my least favorite question is "So, what's your favorite color?"
Purely because I never know what to say!
So, here's my top four favorite colors....

{pinned here}
Pink has been a favorite of mine for years.
It's feminine, soft & lovely.

Natalie inspired my love of yellow!
It's bright & happy & cheerful.

I love the depth of teal.
To me, it's gorgeous & slightly mysterious.

This is another deep & lovely color, plum.
Definitely a favorite, especially in the fall and winter.

Those are my top favorite colors,
although not my only favorite colors. ;)
I hope they inspire you a little today!


Shelly Tutt said...

Such pretty colours!
Great inspiration!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Shelly xo
p.s. I'm your newest fan!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

these are such pretty colors!! i LOVE pink and yellow!!

Jessica said...

These are great pins! I really love the purple centerpiece :)

Natalie Jane said...

Aw, aren't you sweet :)

Unknown said...

I think those are my top favorite colors too! Especially yellow. :)