Monday, August 29, 2011

happy birthday.

This guy means everything to me,
and today is his birthday.

Babe, I love you so much.
I hope this birthday is an amazing one!
{even if I get more excited about your birthday than you do...}

Also? He spoils me.
He surprised me with my very own iPhone 4 yesterday!!
I've reassured him that that is not the reason I love him,
but it is pretty fantastic. ;)

Happy birthday!


Seek First said...

Happy birthday to your man! and how sweet of him to get you a gift on the day before his birthday!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to your future hubby! That's my kind of man - gets you a present before his birthday? He's a keeper!

Unknown said...

Newest follower from MANDIPITY! :) AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) Come check out my blog! I think we will get along! :)

Elisabeth said...

You two are so cute!!!

The Bonjour Four said...

happy birthday to your man! and an iphone 4?! awesome. that's super sweet!