Monday, August 22, 2011

{feeling blessed}

I'm definitely feeling blessed after this weekend...
my bridal shower was on Saturday morning,
and it was just wonderful.

{my bride-to-be "costume", put together by my sister;
all the essentials for cooking/baking in one easy place! *wink*}

We had a great turn-out {so thankful for all the ladies who came!},
lots of yummy food, fun games, and all the other fun shower "stuff".

Unfortunately, a lot of the pictures on my camera turned out really blurry,
so I'll have to track down some more pictures I can share.

We received a lot of the things we need for our new home,
and I couldn't be more excited about setting up our new place. :)
Now we just have to find that place....

How was your weekend? Hope it was lovely!


Jordan said...

too cute! glad you received things you can use.

Jessica said...

That is an adorable gift!

Mandy said...

Love that apron! That's a neat idea, 'the bride to be costume.' haha! love it. :)


Kim Franklin said...

My goodness what a sister you have, thats something I would do to my sister haha nice

Lindsay - Pen and Paint said...

cute idea!
I know it's so fun getting ready to make your new house a home.

The Bonjour Four said...

bridal showers are so much fun! glad you got a look of wonderful things for your home!