Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I Love Wednesday {Jane Austen}

I love Jane Austen.
I remember the first time I tried to read Pride & Prejudice,
and I hated it. I was also only about 10, so I couldn't truly appreciate it. ;)

Of course, now, I love anything Austen...

{one} this Mr. Darcy's Proposal tee needs to be a part of my life.
{two} I shared this image in this post, and it's dreamy...a perfect afternoon activity.
{three} a Jane Austen party. How perfect!
{four} I love this Emma mini-series. So entertaining, so lovely. I've seen it about 5 times.
{five} " ardently I admire & love you." *swoon*
My coffee would be very happy in this mug.

So, how about you - are you a fellow Austen admirer?
If so, what is your favorite title of hers?
I love them all, but Persuasion is definitely near the top for me. :)



kate @ be merry, kate said...

Oh you know I am a fan! Persuasion is definitely my favorite. I would love a quiet weekend vacation in the mountains with absolutely no plans so I can sit around and reread it. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

I still have to read Sense & Sensibility and Northanger Abbey. I think I'll read S&S soon!



burlap+blue said...

I am an Austen lover myself...I just recently saw the Emma mini series and love it (knightly makes me swoon:)) And my morning coffee is sipped out of that very mug:)

Prudy said...

I've read & seen Persuasion, and have seen Emma, Northanger Abbey, and Mansfield Park.

I just bought Pride & Prejudice (BBC/Colin Firth version) and have it on Kindle to read.

I think Persuasion is my favorite though.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Such unique finds. I love this post!

Jessica said...

*Raises hand* Love LOVE Jane Austen, haven't read Persuasion yet, but it's on my nook!

Jordan said...

Oh my, Jane Austen is my favorite. I bought by best friend, who is a librarian and male, a t-shirt that says, "I am Mr. Darcy" it's amazing! He had never read Pride & Prejudice until I gave him a speech about what kind of self respecting librarian has never read P&P and he read it and loved it as much as we girls do. Also, have you watched The Jane Austen Book Club? It's a great movie.

Jami said...

I LOVE all of these!