Friday, September 9, 2011

{color love} caramel

Beside the fact that it's my favorite frappucino flavor,
this color makes me think of Fall...

caramel apples fine art photograph

chocolate sea salt caramel tarts...yum!

What is your favorite color for Fall?


Nay said...

Can those caramel tarts look anymore delicious?!
I love burnt sienna!
Is this a meme? I'd like to take this idea for my bloggy - and do my own color{love}.
Let me know!
Happy Friday, Jacky!

kate @ be merry, kate said...

Oh I too love caramel! Especially in shoes and belts... it's so much more fun than plain ole brown. :)

I think my favorite color of fall has to be grey. I know that isn't really a fall color, but when I think of my perfect cozy fall outfit, it usually involves a big oversized grey sweater. If not grey, then brown! I love chocolate brown sweaters, socks, blankets... and hot chocolate of course.