Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{WILW} home inspiration

I've been browsing the internet for some inspiration for our new home.
It's lovely & wonderful, but oh so overwhelming at times!

I want our living room to be cozy & pretty, but not too girly {for the sweetheart's sake ;)}.
Here's a few pillows that have been inspiring me lately...

1. this brown chevron pillow from moxie mandie.
2. this floral pillow
3. this pillow is sold already,
but I love it so...
4. this pillow is a little different, but it's kinda fun!

Where do you find the best inspiration for your home?



kate @ be merry, kate said...

Oh I too love that third pillow! It would look lovely on a chocolate brown couch. ;)


grey rose (they/them) said...

great pillows!! loving the colors you're working with. i love browsing design blogs, etsy and pinterest to get inspired:)

Jordan said...

oooh 1 & 3 are so pretty. Are you going to make your own pillows? I've heard it's not hard but since I've never tried, don't quote me on that. It'd be fun though because you could go to the fabric store and pick anything you wanted. I always feel like pillows at stores are so limited on designs.

Katie Lane said...

#3, #3!! Too bad it's sold already. I probably would have bought it for myself.

Mandy said...

ooo! I love the chevron print and definitely the colors and pattern of pillow 3. They need to make more!