Wednesday, October 24, 2012


one of my goals for the afternoon is to decorate for fall.
nothing fancy. some pumpkins, squash, wheat, leaves,
this awesome printable from Pen & Paint.
i like the simplicity, reminding me to be thankful in this season,
enjoying the (slightly) cooler weather.
hurray for fall!

how do you decorate for fall?
do you like simplicity, or do you go all out?


Unknown said...

i have pumpkins and wheat decorating my home right now. it feels more like winter here now though so im sure the winter/christmas decor will be coming out soon too.

Anonymous said...

We go for the minimal effect right now with just a few pumpkins because our house is mainly decorated with fall colors. :)

Kelly said...

simple for sure. lindsay's print is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Girl. Simplicity all the way.

I love that print! Super cute. Thanks for the tip. =]

betsy said...

i don't do much but i love to add a little burlap, pumpkins, & some trimmed wheat or pampas grass around & you can't forget the MULLED CIDER candles! (:

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Just hopped over from April's blog to see what you are doing on your blog. Nice! Wow, Oct 8 is a good day to get married! It's our date as well, 35 years ago~when we were both in the military. I did a post on our anniversary, if you are interested! I decorate by putting mini pumpkins outside our front door. Leave them there til they aren't good anymore! HA!