Monday, October 22, 2012


before we went on vacation,
I got to take a knitting class at our local Michael's.
I'd been wanting to learn how to knit for quite a while,
but I could never figure it out with just books/online stuff.
I need someone to show me how to do something.

the lady who taught the class, Ann, was seriously the sweetest,
and so very helpful. the class was for a washcloth,
but she taught me some other tricks & such along with it.

since then, I've been knitting away!
4 different washcloths, the beginning of a scarf for a niece,
the start of an infinity cowl.
so glad I was able to get started in this
and add yet another hobby to my collection. ;)

have you picked up a new hobby recently?
what do you fill your spare moments with?
let's chat!


Kelly said...

welcome to the world of knitting, it's addicting, and will grow ;) Trust me, I have too much yarn and I love it!

Unknown said...

I have tons of hobbies! I knit, sew, crochet, play piano, violin, accordion, guitar, baking, beading, and flying gliders!

Unknown said...

I've been knitting for the last year or so.....have too many projects just waiting for me to finish them!

sincerely jen said...

i have been wanting to learn to knit and crochet for a long time, I learned to crochet a bit when i was a kid but I forget how. I am looking for a local class to attend. I want to make a few cowls for the fall and winter.

Unknown said...

i so want to learn to knit and have tried so many times but i get to stressed out that everything gets wider and wider as i go along. so i just stick to crocheting.

Unknown said...

lol knitting is an addictive hobby as you get something quite quickly. I myself am learning how to crochet as I mastered knitting a while ago. Keep up the good work.

Gwen said...

Knitting has been something I have always been interested it just have not been able to get it. Maybe I'll pick up a class at our local craft store. Looks like your loving it :)

The Olive Tree Blog said...

spare time...what is that lol. j/k I really really really want to learn how to knit!

henning love said...

i haven't tried knitting but my aunt has gotten into it recently and she has been sending photos of her projects