Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Musings, {one}

Mmmm, Fall. Have I mentioned that sometimes I wish I lived up north where there was actually a change of seasons? I found these beautiful leaves and had to share.


So, Monday Musings. Did you notice the title? I find that on Mondays, I have a lot to say, but not a definitive subject. Monday Musings will just be a post of anything (and everything) I can think of!

Oh, and if anyone else already has the Monday Musings title, I'm not trying to steal your thing. It's just what I though of off the top of my head. If it's too big of a problem for you, just let me know so I can work it out.


Guess what?! I am very excited to tell you all that this coming Saturday (the 14th) is my first "blogiversary". Yep, I've been blogging for one year. I can hardly believe it myself. When I started blogging, I never really thought I would have a true following of readers. So each and every follower, subscriber, kind word, comment...means SO much to me. Thank you.

And in honor of one year of blogging, there might be a little celebration. Just maybe. And it might be something you could find in this post. Have I piqued your interest? Be sure to come back on Saturday!


If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you may have picked up on the fact that I have a Starbucks addiction. I mean, it's not that bad...mainly because it's a little out of my budget. But on Friday morning I did go to Starbucks, and the girl who took my order made me laugh. Our conversation went something like this:

Her: So, I noticed that you wear skirts all the time...

Me: Oh really?

Her: Do your legs ever get cold?

Me: Well, it's not really that cold, here, so not really...

Her: Oh, okay. I think my legs would get cold.

I live in Florida, so it's not really cold. I just thought it was really funny that she asked me that!


Well, I think that's about it for this edition of Monday Musings! Tell me, what did you think of it? And be sure to check back on Saturday for a blogiversary celebration!


Unknown said...

Sweet! I am not a Starbucks addict (there's not one in my tiny town), but our local coffee shop, Beans & Cream, knows me by my first name and I am there at least once a week! (Dave Ramsey can kiss it. This spending money is in my budget!)

Why do you wear skirts all the time?

Jennifer Juniper said...

I used the can of Starbucks double shot to make cupcakes a few months ago - what a caffeine rush! That's strange she asked about your skirt in Florida!

Rachel said...

When we lived in Jacksonville I went through seriouse change of season withdrawals! I do find it funny that people in Florida even use the word cold in their vocabulary. I lived in skirts and dresses when we were in Jacksonville. Now that we in Virginia I am realizing I need to get hose and more pants because my legs are cold.