Monday, November 2, 2009

{Not Me!} Monday, Nov. 2nd edition

Welcome to the carnival of fun known as Not Me! Monday. MckMama is our lovely hostess; however, her sweet Stellan is in the hospital, so I'm not sure if she's posting a Not Me! Monday today...but check out her blog anyway. =)

This week has not felt like a crazy whirlwind that went by too fast. I did not have trouble remembering if I watched that sweet, smiley baby this week or last week...and that is not a sure sign that I was busy.

I did not manage to crank out 5 Christmas card designs, photograph them, and list them at The Art of Paper all in one week. Of course, in saying that, I am not admitting that the process usually take me a while.

I have not had 3 Caramel Frappuccinos in the past 8 days. I am not that indulgent.

I am also not addicted to sugar. *ahem*

I did not get to go wedding dress shopping with a dear friend this weekend (for her wedding, not mine). It was not so much fun, and not so exciting to see her as a bride.

And I never once wished it were me getting married to my amazing sweetheart.

...Certainly not the same amazing sweetheart who surprised me with this:

Which I am not still super excited about. =)

So tell me, how was your week?

*this post was not scribbled out on notebook paper at 11:48 on Sunday night*


Unknown said...

I know exactly what you mean! This has been a crazy busy week and there are about 8 more crazy busy ones ahead for us, now.

Moore Minutes said...

Oh! I love Gussy bags and I've really been wanting one...lucky girl! <3

AND...I'm not addicted to sugar either!

By the way, I have the Spy Party details up on my blog now! :)