Wednesday, November 18, 2009

{Re-Post} Revealed!

I apologize for re-posting something, but I'm still working on a blogging schedule that will work for me; hopefully to be put in effect next week. For this week, well, just bear with me. 

This was originally posted here, so if you've already seen it, I'm sorry. But for those of you who haven't seen it? Enjoy! 

Note: I still live at home and share a room with my younger sister who has very little in common with me when it comes to design. So we both had to do a little compromising. But I think it worked out pretty well.

The time has finally come.

Are you ready to see what my weekend of cleaning, painting and rearranging has produced?

(If you need a reminder of just how bad it was before, click here.)

Drumroll, please...

This is what you might see right as you walk into our room:

{I apologize if the beds look a little sloppy...have you ever tried to neatly make up a bunkbed? It's nearly impossible, and I'm not that patient.}

We never had doors for our closet. I'm not quite sure how that happened. So getting curtains was a must for me. And I love how it turned out. Now you can't see all my clothes and shoes!

{Don't the curtains look nice? I love the way it drapes.}

My poor piano, stuck in a corner.

I now have paisley sheets. I love it! And the bird pillow was not my idea. I love the pillow, but not the $30 price tag. My mom splurged and got it because my little sister loves birds. It really is a nice compliment to the room.

I tried something a little different here. Instead of hanging my mirror and picture on the wall, they're set on the dresser. What do you think of it? It's different than what I'm used to, but I like it. And don't worry, I made absolutely sure they wouldn't fall.

I love these butterflies. I'd had them for a looong time, but they never quite had a place before. I love how they stand out from the darker color.

{And guess what? I got them from our church's yard sale for like a quarter!}

This is seriously one of my absolute favorite parts of the redo:

{It's right by the door on the way out. The cute storage ottomans came from Target, and I've had the shelf for a really long time. It was always just hung somewhere random, but now I feel like it has new purpose. And I like it.}

Of course, pictures can't necessarily show the whole room...the sweetheart said I should take a video, but that would involve me being in the video, and I won't plague you so.

One of my goals it to keep the look kind of simple with clean lines. Before, I just had so much clutter. And then it looked kind of messy all the time. So I put away things that aren't important, and we'll see how it goes. I also like how the room feels light and airy.

So, what do you think? I really want to hear your input on my "design skills"!

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Just A Normal Mom said...

Wow! It looks great! I went back and looked at the before pic - hard to believe it's the same room :-)

Anonymous said...

looks great! i like the butterflies on the wall, too. thanks for stopping by my site and commenting.

tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}