Friday, November 13, 2009


Nicholas Sparks is really one of my favorite authors ever. He makes me cry. And smile. And think.

I had read The Notebook before, but I recently watched the movie for the first time. I cried some more. If you've seen the movie, you probably know what I mean. I don't necessarily agree with every decision the characters make, but I do think it's a beautiful story.

And sad. Have I mentioned it's sad?

But I digress.

I stated thinking after I watched the movie. About memories. That notebook held such memories for Noah and Allie. All written down and carefully treasured.

We each have our own ways of preserving memories. It could be that you take a million pictures so you'll always remember. It could be that you make a video to commemorate a special event. You might scrapbook. Or blog. Or journal. There are many possibilities.

I have a stack of notebooks. Well, not a huge stack, but you know what I mean. I write. Sometimes they end up being glorified daily logs of activities, but I do it for a reason. I want to remember.

Some things are easy to remember. A big day at school, graduation, a wedding, a special anniversary, etc. I want to remember all that. But I also want to remember the small things.

Funny things a little sister says.

A family dinner full of laughter.

Someone whispering, "You look awfully pretty."

Little things.

My notebooks are far from eloquently written. They probably wouldn't make a good movie. But the memories are important.

How do you save your memories?

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Marie said...

I keep journals also -- albeit not consistently :-) Sometimes they are little more then lists and random thoughts -- but I figure that counts for something when it comes to remembering things (memories) :-) I'm inconsistent in blogging as well so I guess that's the state of my life!

I've enjoyed my visit to your blog this evening!