Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{ #1 and #66 }

1. Learn to sew in a zipper.
66. Sew a zippered pouch.

Check and check!

I have to say, sewing is not my forte in life. I mean, I can sew, but I don't like to use patterns or follow directions. Problematic? Probably.

I've always heard the term zipper foot, which you use when you sew in a zipper {okay, that seems sensible...}. Well, my sewing machine is a really old hand-me-down from my grandmother. I'm sure it has a zipper foot, but I have no idea where it is. So I decided to experiment on my own instead.

And it worked!

I've made several {read: 8} of these zippered pouches.
And I'm actually happy with the way they turned out!
I have no plans to sell them, other then to help Haiti.
Maybe someday.

And credit must go where credit is due...
The ever fabulous Gussy helped me out a ton! Her tips and suggestions got me going and helped me reach the end goal {the first few pouches I made were not so lovely...}.
Thanks, Gussy!

So, tell me:
Do you sew?
Or are you afraid to try?
{Trust me, I was there for a while}
I'd love to hear your stories!

P.S. Currently my sewing machine does not like me...I'm trying to fix it, but nothing seems to work. Which is sad, because I would like to sew on it soon!


Meg said...

Oh I love it, how cute!!! Congrats, you are really checking off that list quickly!!

Lucy Marie said...

They are so cute. Congrats on getting two things checked off the list. I have only sewn once - I made a taggy blanket for my nephew. But it was not very good

Lindsay said...

Getting things checked off of lists is awesome! Congrats!
I've sewn a few things but am not good at following directions. hehe

Maggi said...

Congrats on two more things off your list! I have a sewing machine but after a friend threaded it for me, I tried using it, the thread came out and now it's been collecting dust ever since. I really want to learn to sew but my machine hates me. LOL

Love the pouch!

Iva Messy said...

wow you did a great job!!! ;) I love to sew!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pouches. I don't sew and I've never had any desire to try. I don't think I'd enjoy it much , but I guess I'll never know if I don't give it a shot some day.

designHER Momma said...

I have a sewing machine - and I sew very poorly.

Valerie said...

These look great! I want to learn to sew this year. I may have to ask you some tips :)