Thursday, January 7, 2010

{ 101 in 1001 }

I made a list for myself. 101 things that I'd like to complete 1001 days. Some of these are important and special to me; others are just things I'd kinda like to do. I've decided that if I get to September 27th, 2012, and I have not finished everything on this list, it's fine. I can find the joy in the things I did accomplish.
I've included the entire list here, and it is kind of a lot. I will be impressed if you read through the whole thing! You may notice that some things are already crossed off...I didn't waste time for some of these! (You'll here more about that in other posts).

{ January 1st, 2010--September 27th, 2012 }
1. Learn to sew in a zipper.
2. Figure out how to crochet a cup cozy.
3. Add a bookshelf to my collection.
4. Read all the works of Jane Austen.
5. Learn the basics of knitting.
6. Play through all of the Hanon exercises.
7. Build up my savings account.
8. Learn to sew with a pattern.
9. Sew a lovely dress.
10. Learn to make the "perfect" pie crust,
11. Crochet baby blankets for any new arrivals.
12. Finish writing my novel.
13. Read all 28 original Elsie books.
14. Read the Bible. All of it.
15. Make a Book Page wreath.
16. Add to my Lamplighter collection.
17. Buy a nice camera.
18. Learn photo-editing skills.
19. Stop biting my nails.
20. Add 20 new recipes to my file.
21. Read all of the original Sherlock Holmes stories.
22. Get engaged. :)
23. Plan a beautiful, simple and sweet wedding.
24. Get married!
25. Perfect a simple apron pattern.
26. Buy Hayden something sentimental that he'll love.
27. Read through all of my Mystery of History curriculum.
28. Lose 10 pounds.
29. Make a new Etsy banner.
30. Make cocoa mix.
31. Compose a "classical" piano piece.
32. Write several short stories.
33. Learn to make lavender sachets.
34. Do some basic coupon clipping/organizing/using.
35. Make a Pride and Prejudice-inspired dress.
36. Paint a picture.
37. Take a trip up north to see the leaves change.
38. Visit Washington, D.C.
39. Surprise someone!
40. Whiten my teeth.
41. Get rid of all acne!
42. Create/sew a bag (use/make a pattern).
43. Memorize 1 Corithians 13:4-8a.
44. Write a poem.
45. Make a CD (playing the piano).
46. Get a pedicure.
47. Learn to type--correctly!
48. Write down our love story.
49. Buy the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack.
50. Learn to play 2 songs from Pride and Prejudice, and well.
51. Give someone a "care basket" (for no reason).
52. Run a mile.
53. Buy something (on my own) from an Etsy shop.
54. Start up a blog for The Art of Paper.
55. Figure out how to sell {Create Your Own} card kits.
56. Make a set of cards shaped like coffee cups.
57. Buy someone else Starbucks.
58. Get pictures done by a "real" photographer.
59. Teach someone to play the piano.
60. Create a scrapbook.
61. Take one picture every day for a month.
62. Rearrange the furniture.
63. Find a good devotional and use it.
64. Go to the beach.
65. Pack a picnic lunch to share with someone.
66. Sew a zippered pouch.
67. Read The Chronicles of Narnia {again}.
68. Read The Lord of the Rings trilogy {again}.
69. Work through a mathbook.
70. Do a logic puzzle.
71. Create a crossword puzzle & challenge someone.
72. Do a Sudoku puzzle.
73. Buy a book of crossword puzzles.
74. Read (and finish) Great Expectations.
75. Buy The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo.
76. Plan a "Girl's Night In" and have a good time.
77. Get a vinyl wall decal to add to the decor.
78. Go to IKEA.
79. Go out to The Melting Pot.
80. Clean out my closet and donate clothes.
81. Shop at a thrift store at least once.
82. Buy some artwork.
83. Make Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice soup.
84. Host a Spa Night.
85. Give an anonymous gift.
86. Babysit for free.
87. Make Peppermint Sugar Scrub.
88. Stay up all night.
89. Buy something "vintage".
90. Knit a scarf.
91. Take some kind of music class.
92. Make a Dutch Apple Pie.
93. Get a job (of some sort).
94. Sing for an audience.
95. Make cinnamon rolls from scratch.
96. Add to my Willow Tree collection.
97. Plan a surprise party.
98. Make a quilt.
99. Call an old friend.
100. Play Braham's Waltz in A flat.
101. Memorize James 3:2-10

Still here? Great! You should probably get a prize. :)

I will be keeping you all updated when I finish these, to some extent. I'm excited to see what all I can get done!


Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

Great goals! I should make a list too...a little longer than my first one :)

Have a great day!

Moore Minutes said...

This is an awesome idea and concept! I so enjoyed reading your're so well-rounded. Keep working that list. ;)

Gussy Sews said...

whoa, those are some awesome goals :)

Mandy Hornbuckle said...

I LOVE it! I need to make a list! And oh, if you come to Dallas, we could get 78 and 79 done all in one day!!! :)

Meg said...

Wow! What a great list! I have no doubt that you will reach all of your goals by 2012! You are obviously a very talented young lady(man that made me sound like an old lady)so I am sure that once you put your mind to something you make sure to finish it! Knitting a scarf if easy, if I can do it anyone can, I love taking and editing photos, my husband got me some pretty cool editing software for our anniversary this year, I use it all of the time! I also want to make an apron, I have had designs running through my head lately about it! I would love to know how to crochet, I tried teaching myself and didn't have much luck! Good luck with all of these and keep us updated!!


Amy Priddy said...

That is a great list! Looking forward to watching you cross things off. Have fun!

Debbie said...

I like your list. How great that you have already accomplished some of them. I am inspired to work on my own.

wishful nals said...

what a great list! good for you :)

Valerie said...

What a great list! I really liked a lot of them :0)

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

I love your list! You go girl. I'm workin on mine too. .. :)

gina said...

i love lists. yours is very inspriring. i want to make one of these too. maybe i will.