Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{winner} + news

I've been a bad blogger lately. You may have noticed, but if you didn't, that's okay, too. ;)
This week has been busy. I'm worn out.
But I missed my blogging a lot! So now I'm back, and trying
my hardest to fight off bad blogging habits.


I'm sure you'd like to know who the winner of The Lavender Road giveaway is, right?
Well, I plugged in the number at random.org, and the winner is...


Bailey, please email me!
thesweetestpetunia {at} gmail {dot} com
If I don't hear from you, I'll have to pick another winner, and I'd really hate to do that.


Thank you for the sweet and heartfelt comments left on my post about Haiti. I did find out that those 2 little girls and their family are all right, but I'm sure they're still having a rough time. I'm not sure if they have food, or a place to live...it's very sad for me. But I am very thankful that they are alive.

I've created a Help for Haiti section in my shop.
I had made some zipper pouches like the one shown above, and I decided to sell them
{just for now, not permanently}, to help raise money.
$10 from each sale {of a zippered pouch} is being donated to Compassion's Disaster Relief for Haiti.

Right now that section is empty.
7 pouches have been sold.
That's $70 for Haiti.
I am so excited!

Right now my sewing machine is giving me fits, {seriously, it's driving me crazy!} but as soon as I can, I'm hoping to list a few more of the zippered pouches.
I'm not selling them for me, I just want to be able to help Haiti.


I've managed to cross some things off of my {101 in 1001} list!
I'll be showing some of that during the week.
Still can't wait to see just how many I can accomplish!

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Maggi said...

Congrats to the winner! Way to go on the pouches for Haiti, that is wonderful!