Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{ visiting }

In my perfect dream world, I would love to invite some fellow bloggers for coffee.
Nevermind the fact that in real life, I can be painfully shy.
{This is just my dream.}

Maybe Kim would come over.
{She actually does live fairly close to me!}
Maybe Gussy. Or Natalie. Or Erica.
{You know, I'd probably still be nervous. Even in my dream world!}

We would sip coffee with special creamer and topped with whipped cream. I might even make some Coffee & Cream muffins. We'd spend several hours talking, would be so much fun.

But since that probably won't happen {at least not any time soon}, I'll just have to be content visiting their blogs and leaving comments. And that's fun, too.

Now, I know there are lots of other great blogs out there.
I'd love to be able to visit some of them over the next week or so!

So here's my plan.
If you are a fellow blogger, and you'd like me to come visit your blog for a virtual "coffee visit", I'd love to! Just leave me a sweet comment about your dream world + a link to your blog.

P.S. I do have one small request. I don't want any weird links to nasty sites or anything like that.
{not that any of you would do that, but this is my disclaimer.}
Please keep it clean, safe and family friendly!

I'll be seeing you soon!


Lindsay said...

oh how fun is this!!!! you can visit me here:

such a great post!!! I'm incredibly shy when I first meet people too.

Lisa said...

Oh, I would love a coffee visit too. I'm not shy at all, so I could make up for your bashfulness :) If you came to visit me in real life, I would make my friend Ella's apple coffee cake and serve it in my cozy living room.

bailey said...

i want to have a heart on top of my coffee :) i think that would make my day 100 times better! so cute :)

Natalie Jane said...

Well, I don't drink coffee (Mormon you know) but a little herbal tea would be fab :)

Kelli said...

You come up with some of the neatest things!
You've already visited my blog, but know you're welcome anytime!
Peace, love and coffee friend!
Kelli @ SustainingCreativity

Meg said...

You have visited my blog before, but I would love to "sit" down and have a cup of coffee with you! Come on over to my place and make yourself at home!! Oh, and I would love to drink a cup of coffee with Maggie(Gussy)too, she seems like she would be a blast!!


Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

In my perfect dream world - I would be able to meet Jessica Simpson! HAHA!

You should come visit One Fine Wire, I would love that!

Debbie said...

Wouldn't it just be a dream come true to get to meet all of our friends on here? I've met two and loved them both but I'd love to meet more!

Meredith said...

Oh, that would be fun!!!! Lets do that sometime!!!

ClassiclyAmber said...

Yes, do stop in for some coffee and chitter chatter! =-) I am learning how to make those cute hearts on top of my lattes, too...[need more time 'n practice on that one!] And yes, bring over Gussy and the others, too! <3

Holly Lefevre said...

What a great idea...I drink coffee all day!