Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 things on 10/10

today seemed like an appropriate day to list 10 totally random things...

  >> i am super shy. i've gotten a LOT better at swallowing my fear, putting on a smile, and being nice, but i'm still pretty shy inside.

  >> i took a knitting class, because that's something i've really been wanting to learn. another activity to add to my looong list of hobbies! now i'm on the lookout for super easy beginning knitting projects; my first was a washcloth.

  >> my hubby & i really, really, really want to get a puppy! unfortunately, we can't have one where we live now because we rent, but someday. caroline's adorable little pup only makes it worse. ;)

  >> having a cinnamon broom in your home makes the whole place smell amazingly festive & fall-like. looove!

  >> i'm still pretty addicted to instagram; do you follow me there? i want to get some of postalpix's new 2x2 prints soon. tiny usually equals adorable in my book.

  >> my 22nd birthday is 77 days away, which means christmas is only 77 days away! this year has been going by so, so fast, it's crazy.

  >> i wish that it got cooler sooner in florida; not freezing cold real winter temperatures, but cold enough that i can wear sweaters/scarfs/boots and not suffocate. know what i mean?

  >> this recipe for pumpkin spice muffins w/ cream cheese filling is SO good. you must try it. everyone will love you if you share!

  >> sometimes my hobbies make me feel like a granny. baking, sewing, knitting, etc. but i am totally okay with that. it's fun!

  >> 10 things doesn't seem like that many until you sit down & actually try to think of 10 things. ;)

have a wonderful october 10th!


Alesha said...

Hey Jacky! What is your instagram user name? The link too me to a page that said "user is private" and didn't show anything. =)
Alesha <3
P.S. Awesomely fun idea btw!

The Olive Tree Blog said...

love cinnamon brooms! love instagram! :) and haha I have the same hobbies as a granny too! ;)