Friday, July 29, 2011

{color love} lime green

I have to say, {color love} is one of my favorite kinds of posts. I love searching for inspiring photos featuring colors I love! Hopefully you are inspired today. :)

Today we have a guest post from Katie...enjoy!


Hi. I'm super excited to do this guest post on The Sweetest Petunia. When I saw her ask for guest posters I couldn't wait to do this. I write the blog Kady Did. I found pinterest and instantly fell in love. I'm addicted to it. Its very helpful because my husband, Isaiah, and I are moving to a new house next month and I'm wanting to redecorate and I find all kinds of ideas on pinterest. I really love seeing what other people post, and their styles. 

I want to do a black and white living room, with little touches of lime green. I really want it to be fun, and simple. I don't want the lime green pops to be overpowering, so I looked for some fun ways to bring it into the room, and came across all kinds of fun things in lime green. Its such a random color, but done in moderation I think it will be fun and cute. Some of things I found would be fun in my living room, and some are just fun lime green things.

I love this pom pom. They are for sale, but I really want to make some black, white and lime green ones in different sizes for our living room.

I love making cupcakes, and these cupcake liners are super cute.

I love these magnets

This apron is so fun.

I'm not fully sure what this cubby type thing is called, but I want one!

I've heard of key lime pie, but this lime cake looks delicious too.

I don't really drink much tea, but I would reconsider if I had this cute tea pot

Finally, I love this fun door. Its so bright and cheerful.

Thanks to Jacky for letting me post this guest post. If you are on pinterest, add me. If you would like an invitation, email me at katietamblingson at yahoo dot com. 


Thanks for sharing, Katie!

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Jessica said...

I love the bold lime green door!

Unknown said...

Green is one of my fav colors. Love all of these. So fun!