Thursday, July 21, 2011

{some wedding details}

We have 79 days until we become husband & wife...and it's beyond exciting.
I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him... :)

So much is going on for the wedding.
Which is good, but it's just a LOT to do. A LOT to think about.
LOTS of details to work out. Very overwhelming.
  • That picture is one that the sweetheart's brother-in-law took for us. It was fun to wander around on the same pier where we got engaged, and he took a lot of great photos for us.
  • I used some of the pictures to make a photo book {for free, thanks to a giveaway Gina hosted!}, leaving lots of white will be used as a guestbook at the reception. Love it!
  • I finally finished the guest list. That was a lot more work than I anticipated. And we know a LOT of people...
  • Now I just need to get the sweetheart to finish editing the invites, get them printed, envelopes addressed, and mailed by the first week of August. Crazy!
  • I'm making some adorable pennant bunting to line the aisles...and I need 20 yards of it. Oh. My. Word. I finally sat down yesterday & figured out just how many pennants that is...270. Hopefully I can get it done.
  • I took my dress in to be altered this week - it's too big on me, and I don't want it to fall off! {I'm definitely not used to strapless dresses...} I ordered the suggested size based on my measurements, but the dress is definitely too large. I'm excited to try it on when it will actually fit me!
  • Even though all of this planning is stressful, the wedding is just one day. I'm looking so much forward to the marriage. Because it's oh-so-much more important than just the wedding.
What was the most stressful part of planning your wedding?


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Seek First said...

The guest list was the most stressful for us. Great job on getting it done! your guestbook is going to be adorable! Thanks for sharing some of these fun details with us!

Unknown said...

It all seemed stressful to me! I was just SO ready to be married- we dated for almost 4 years before our wedding! I was working 2 jobs & going to school, and our festivities were all taking place 2.5 hours away, so I delegated a lot of the details (cake, food testing) to my grandparents that only lived 30 minutes away. My mom did flowers, and the barn where our reception weas held was already transformed for weddings, so all we had to do was provide flowers for the tables. :)
I had it made. :)

kate @ be merry, kate said...

Oh dear! The most stressful part? I don't think I could nail down just one part. I had a hard time with centerpieces. I'm not kidding you... I decided about a week before the wedding what to do and we made them the Thursday before. Other than that my stress was coming just from the fact that there was so MUCH to do, not each individual thing. Sigh... not gonna lie, I'm glad its over! Best of luck to you - it will be here before you know it!


Mandy England said...

David and I were still in college when we got married... going into our junior and senior years at FSU. And we were only engaged for 6 months, so it was a crazy time of wedding planning & apartment hunting on top of finals and juries and normal school stuff. Looking back, it was absolutely insane, but I wouldn't change a thing because God has had His hand in every bit of it, and to see the place where He has brought us today, I am amazed by His goodness and grace.

You are so right when you say that the wedding is just one day- so wise of you to be thinking that way about the actual marriage itself. I'm so sure every bride looks back with "why didn't I?" or "what was I thinking?"... but being able to look to the future knowing that you and your husband are building your marriage on a rock- that's a good place to be :)

Haha, sorry, I think I just wrote you a book! :)

Jordan said...

It will all come together, it always seems to. Just think, you'll have lots of bunting afterward that you can use to decorate all kinds of things!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

The guest list, for sure! Hang in there, girlie!!