Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I Love Wednesday {pretty garland}

Hello Wednesday!


Lately I'm finding myself falling more & more in love with creative garland ideas...

paint chip heart garland
{pinned here - not sure of original source}

I made some of this paint chip heart garland last week, and it is beyond cute.
I've already decided to use it for the wedding because I love it!
{I've even posted it twice...}

I love bunting, and this paper bunting with tiny clothespins is so sweet!

This is really lovely...

I love all the creative uses I've seen for cupcake liners - so fun!

How about you? What would you make these pretty garlands for?


Have a lovely day!


Jami said...

So pretty! I love all of them!

DearHelenHartman said...

What pretty and creative ideas! LOVE the paint sample one.

Mandy England said...

Ooo, thank you for the inspiration! I've been meaning to make some pretty garland for the nursery and haven't gotten around to it. That might be just the project for today! :)

Cailan said...

What lovely ideas - I hadn't seen all of these! Thanks for the inspiration - now to find More places for some More garland. ;)

Nay said...

I *have* to do some of these for my daughter's room - so sweet and girly!

Love your bloggy and I'm stopping by from WILW, too:)
Hope we can be neighbors (I'm now a new follower)
Happy Wed!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Love them all. I especially love the use of clothes pins.

Seek First said...

Got the paint swatches for the first last week when I saw that on pinterest. Now just to buy the heart shaped punch. My office is going to be so much more fun when it is up!

Jordan said...

I love garland, it's always so fun and a simple decoration that can really transform the look of things.

SV said...

I'm sold on the cupcake garland! So cute!!

The Bonjour Four said...

i LOVE garland!