Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{WILW} clever ideas

I love when I stumble across an idea and think, "Wow, that a really neat way to do that!"
Most of these are then pinned to my {clever ideas} board so I'll actually remember to use them. ;)
Here are a few of my favorites...

{1} use a shower cap to wrap shoes so your clothes stay clean.
{3} a great way to organize embroidery floss.
{5} using jars as organizers (several fun ideas here!).
{6} love this idea to store bracelets - simple & easy!

Do you have some clever ideas to share? Please do!
I'd love to hear/see them. :)

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karen said...

love the embroidery floss organizing idea. now that's clever!

Jessica said...

These are all great tips/tricks! I especially love the bobby pin idea since I can't seem to ever keep up with mine :)

Nay said...

♥ 2, 5 & 6!

Kim Franklin said...

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for a woman that loves beer... I am sooo digging the beer bottle bracelet holders I have a few bottles around the house that are my fav brew and I can't seem to part with them, that's what Im turning them into :-) thanks for sharing.

-Much love, Kim

Sandy a la Mode said...

these are some great ideas!! love the embroidery floss!!

Marina said...

I love these ideas, especially idea no. 6 :)

Shelly Tutt said...

Fabulous ideas!
Love the clothes pins.
shelly xo